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A group of teenagers are invited on a private late night guided tour of a creepy wax museum that has appeared in their neighborhood moments before. As teenagers are accustomed to doing, they object to their logic and head off to an uncertain death. As they tour the museum without a helpful guide, they find scene after scene from classic horror stories. When every teenager enters another exhibition, he becomes a permanent part of the exhibit, living every scary story. I loved this movie as a kid and it kept her jumping around in time. It may have been a bit bold for my childhood brain and perhaps her brutal sexuality may have been out of place and time in an otherwise light film. Most teenagers became wax dummies. Mark, played by Gremlins' Jack Garrigan, wants to return to Wax Dummies and ultimately destroy the place. He recruits the help of the remaining teenager Sarah, played by Deborah Foreman. They must burn the museum down before the latest exhibit seeking victims. Otherwise, it could mean the end of the world. Unfortunately, Sarah, the well-known sweet and innocent Virgin, is occupied by the Mar 爵 De Sad exhibit. Before Mark can remove it, he clicks on the exhibit and enters the perverse world of the corrupt Baron Mar.