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This is a listing of pornographic magazines, sometimes called erotic or adult magazines, that contain sexual content and are usually considered pornographic. To be included in this directory, a pornographic magazine must be widely available as a print version or contain softcore pornographic images. Gay pornographic magazines, sometimes known as adult magazines or gay sex magazines, usually contain sexual content that is considered pornographic. This refers to men having sex with men. Such editions provide photographs and other depictions of nude sexual activity and sexual activity, including oral sex, anal sex, and other forms of such activity. These magazines serve primarily to stimulate sexual thoughts and feelings. Some magazines belong to illustration very generally, while others may focus on more specific and particular activities or fetishes. prior to the S, gay pornography did not move widely due to censorship laws. A nonmocoras magazine called "Beefcake Magazine" was widely available and was typically purchased by homosexual men. Since the late s, gay magazines and newspapers have had naked clothed male models of homosexuals, but they were not referred to as pornography, such as Gay Times and QX Magazine. These are not included here. Below is a list of gay porn magazines with country of publication and approximate duration. Moving to content navigation. Please help me learn to edit the community portal Upload recent changes file.

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