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Every day of sailing week in Barbados promises a new experience. Enjoy great sailing and racing conditions on our unique island in the Crystal Clear Waters of Legata Mount Gay. Meet friends old and new at our fun social events. Sing and dance on one of the most impressive Caribbean beaches. Mount a gay regatta under the sounds of the local complex until early morning. Try some local food and rum at home. Gay Regatta Mount Gay. Win or lose, but always fun by boat during Barbados Sailing Week. For more information contact. An exciting 10 days of sailing, kitesurfing, and wing foiling has come to an end. Congrats to all the winners. And thanks to all competitors who participated in the event and to all who made the Barbados Sailing Week a success. Coastal Order. Mount Gay Round Barbados.

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This is an unparalleled race with a Caribbean difference, a record of sailing boats of various sizes and categories drawn on a steady route ... Barbados! This was an award that deserved its weight in gold to the captains, when the price of the loads reached by rival ships imposed a huge premium. This race took place through a competition between the magazines of the island island over the years, long in the presence of the last commercial Scanaro that participated and the presence of this announcement from the cruise group Barbados, which organizes the event. A new commitment. And a refreshing energy to transfer this great tradition and become an annual event in the region. The eternal trophy of the event will be placed in a permanent exhibit at the Mount Gay Rum Visitors Center, displaying the names and times of the boats that have recorded the record. Errol ir is the founding Secretary of the Cruise Club Barbados, he loves the sea and all its challenges and has become a protector of sailing throughout the island. The race begins: time: 1 pm, 2 pmThe Cruise Club of Barbados was established to make sailing accessible to all Barbadians. After serving in the Royal Air Force and studying law in England, he returned to Barbados and became Barbados' first Prime Minister after leading the country to British independence. Popular news of the week.

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