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Aria Wedding | Dress - Aria "Jennifer" Wedding Gown by Jane Villanueva's (Gina Rodriguez) Bridal Aria Bridal in Virgin the Virgen. the Virgen | dress - Aria "Jennifer" wedding gown. With only a few episodes left before the Virgin's fifth and last season's end of Jane, the adventurous telenovela seems to have intensified the drama. Actress Gina Rodriguez impresses in a white bridal gown in Monday's episode of the successful DramaMe CW. Jane Villanueva (Gina Rodriguez) wears this white lace from shoulder wedding dress in this week's episode of Jane the Virgin. Here are the first pics of Jane's wedding dress from the season finale of The Virgin! Let us know what you think. Pictures from the second season finale of "Jane the Virgin," including Jane and her wedding dress.

'The Virgin': see the look hidden from Jane's wedding dress!

How beautiful is Jane (Gina Rodriguez) for her big day in these new pics of Jane the Virgin! In a future episode. Dressing Details. Dressing: (Thanks to @RachElsageKunin!) Wear: Jennifer Wedding Gown by Aria (thanks @RachelsageKunin!): Jane the Virgen. this is probably a previously released photo of Gina Rodriguez in her wedding dress and Jane's wedding to Raphael means. Yes, this explains the scene with the wedding dress seen in the spoiler! After all, one of Jane's biggest nightmares is not learning about her father. There is a hurricane that gets worse, and XO's wedding dress is destroyed by mud (thanks, Raphael!) ) and an anxious Jane does.

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