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September 5, Candlewood Orchards is an intimate community of west and south facing waterfront homes. His identity is withheld until the family is notified. Our people are professional but easy to communicate with. He will be filed with an exemption in the best possible field. The state medical examiner has ruled the death of a man pulled from Candlewood Lake Monday night an "accidental drowning". If you need a good lake to swim, Mt. Tom, Wallamogue Lake is beautiful.July Like other paddle boats, SUPs are boats subject to navigation regulations and transportation requirements. With great features and a two 12 car garage, this little red house is perfect for a year round home or weekend getaway. All boat hours are closed, so let Ellen help you with the buying and selling process on Candlewood Lake. 67 year old Gary Morrone is facing... Perhaps deep beneath the lake's pristine surface, in its dark depths, lie the ruins of an ancient city called Jerusalem.

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