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There are no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or to your Yahoo account; you can find more information about shutting down Yahoo Answers and how to download the data on this help page. I am a swimmer and a friend of mine said that one should not have sex a week before a swim race. Is this true and does this mean you should not masturbate either? He said this will get rid of your testosterone or something. In the short term, masturbation can drain energy levels and other activities that increase breathing, heart rate, and flow of adrenaline and endorphins. The same is true for sex or a few minutes of strenuous exercise. On the other hand, orgasms may have some benefit because they can reduce stress, relieve stress, and reduce muscle tension. If you are full of sexual tension, it can distract you and reduce your ability to concentrate if you are very bent out of shape. Having sex, masturbating the day of the event, or masturbating a day or two before may be helpful, but a week seems very . However, this depends on the person. For many men, I think a week's buildup of sexual tension can be negative.

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